Did you know that Blues and Ragtime were originally joined together to form the first Jazz music? According to sources, Jazz gave listeners ecstatic feelings. Blues appealed to the emotions of listeners. Ragtime instilled high energy excitement in the listener. This is how Jazz music created new and exciting musical sensations. Thanks to the likes of Louis Armstrong, Jazz has gained incredible respect across the world.

Here are more details about Jazz as well as Ragtime and Blues music.

Ragtime Music

Ragtime is a type of music that originated from piano. The harmonic patterns in this music are simple, but demanding to play. Any music student who has tried to play Scott Joplin’s music can testify to the playing difficulty. According to sources, Ragtime music spread to all the places in America. St. Louis, Missouri was an originating center. The city is situated in an ideal spot for travelers. Piano players could easily make money with ragtime music entertaining travelers in clubs and bars.

Blues Music

Blues music is often thought of as a precursor to jazz as well as rock and roll. Influenced by African-American spirituals, chants, field songs, and ballads, Blues appeals to listeners through melancholy and sad musical expressions. To this day, Blues music continues on its own as a popular genre.

Jazz Music

As mentioned before, Jazz is a combination of Blues and Ragtime music. It is an improvisational genre of music created and popularized by African Americans. Jazz is characterized by the improvisation of harmonies, pitch deviations, and syncopated rhythms. Jazz involves creativity and expression unique in the history of music.


Jazz, Ragtime, and the Blues are fun and popular forms of music. Jazz has evolved from traditional to highly experimental forms of music. However, all three genres connect with listeners in evocative ways.