Is Ragtime dead? No! It isn’t even dead! These are the famous words from “Ragtime Bob” Darch, a major proponent of the Canadian ragtime movement. The same eternal words still leave on through the works of many contemporary artists.

You can catch some of these acts at a festival to get a sense of these words. Attending such events is not only an excellent way to enjoy music but hang out with like-minded people. Here are some of the acts you shouldn’t miss at your next jazz festival.

The Kirby Family

Scott Kirby has performed been thrilling festival audiences with versions of Scott Joplin hits since the 90s. In recent years Leah and Sara, his daughters have joined him on stage. Stunning vocals, violins, washboards, and even ukuleles accompany his piano strumming. His deep appreciation for the roots of jazz and Ragtime makes every performance worth attending.

Dr. Dave Majchrzak

Dr. Dave performs at every festival when his not busy heading the music faculty at the Scott Joplin foundation. He’s toured every jazz festival in the nation to that effect. He also continues the legacy of Trebor Tichenor as the lead pianist of the St. Louis Riverman band. Dr. Dave is also the director of the various jazz festivals.

Mimi Blais

Mimi needs no introduction to ragtime jazz fans. She is after all the New Queen of Ragtime music. Ragtime gives this artist an avenue to express herself artistically. Her performances are as engaging as they are entertaining. Audiences get to sing along and listen to tales from everywhere. Mimi is growing stronger, despite three decades of festival and events.

Taslimah P. Bey

Taslimah is a jazz prodigy that started learning piano at the tender age of 16. Her ragtime influence stems from college days spent on researching various classic acts. Her efforts have seen her perform in various concerts and festivals. She also lectures on the lives of ragtime artists.