It is true what they all say that music can pacify a violent beast. Some people also believe that they can help them to be productive and work extra hard. Since listening to any type of music does not matter, you may consider cutting-edge albums that have different genres, such as blues, ragtime, and country music. So, finding the best albums online is possible in these ways.

Following Musical Blogs

Many blogs focus on music and albums that have mixed influences. So, it would be upon you to identify such blogs and follow them. This way, you will be updated on the albums that have different genres, such as the following:

  • Country music
  • Ragtime
  • Hip-hop
  • Blues

Checking Discogs

This is a helpful resource that you may use to find albums with mixed influences. Discogs refer to community-driven and exhaustive database for albums as well as music. Discogs also have a wide market that has many good things that revolve around music.

Follow Famous Artists

A great way of finding groundbreaking albums is to follow some popular artists. Most of the musicians update their fans through social media forums, such as Facebook. While going through their updates, you may consider online gambling Canada and choose games that you want to bet on. With the cash you will win from gambling, you may use some of them to buy data to continue following these artists and download albums that have mixed influences.

Listen to Online TV and Radio Shows

There are many online shows that you can follow up. Most of these shows invite artists to ask them about their albums. So, if you can follow up on the interview, then you would be able to note down albums that have mixed influences.


Albums with blues, ragtime, and country music are perfect for captivating emotions. So, consider these ways to find the albums online.