Have you ever listened to an album with different influences? If you have never listened to one before, then it is high time you do that. There are many groundbreaking albums that you can listen to and enjoy, such as the following.

411 Album

The day Mary J. Blige joined Uptown Records, she worked together with Sean, an upcoming producer, to make soul music great. The two worked together to produce this 411 album that inspired many artists, such as Madonna and Mariah Carey. The album inspired other artists to incorporate hip-hop susceptibilities into pop music. Twenty years later, the likes of Ariana Grande work in the swaggering shadow of Mary J. Blige.


It is difficult to imagine the world without the Thriller album. This is one of the albums that change the game of music market-wise and sonically. This is because it blends soul, pop, and rock to send a seismic wave throughout the radio. According to the producer, Michael Jackson, Thriller is an album that incorporated different black musicians into the music industry. The strategy that the album used inspired other artists to produce seven other tracks.

808s and Heartbreak

This is Kanye West’s album that came up after the death of his mother. But the soul lyrics and cavernous sound used in the album confused fans who knew about his mayhems. The beauty of the album has never been seen for many years. It was fresh and had a mixture of R&B and hip-hop.

The Chronic

Everything that people used to know regarding hip-hop changed in seconds. This album made that possible. The album reinvented the sound of the West Coast in just one night. It was an uncut underground and raw album that made America’s hip-hop to be one.


Whenever you are down, make sure you listen to an album, such as 808s and Heartbreak. With such a groundbreaking album, you will feel great!