Ragtime’s strict structure, accented rhythm, covers a limited number of themes. Various artists have added such elements into their style to create a beautiful fusion. This harmonious mix of melody and pace has led to a modern-day revival in Ragtime across the world.

Ragtime purists may have some misgivings. But, such fusions have spread the influence of Ragtime into current generations. Here are a few Ragtime fusion albums to add to your jazz collection:

The Canadian Brass: Ragtime!

We kick off the list with the loudest brass assemble in Canada (possibly the world). This quintet was formed in Toronto back in 1970. They have recorded over 130 CDs and DVDs covering their live performances. This band’s performance are usually very zany and entertaining.

Performances include assembles of wigs and the members always perform in sneakers. “Ragtime!” has a vibrant fusion of and other musical genres. It pushes the great divide between jazz, ragtime and pop music.

Nexus: Ragtime Concert

This percussion group was formed in 1971 and had many original compositions to their name. The group has a magical formula that has allowed them to fuse ragtime styling with African drums and other instruments. Aside from playing various percussive elements, they also invent and play some eccentric instruments.

The group’s compositions accommodate other bands, small orchestras and even brass sections. Nexus is all about experimentation. They can perform with any accompaniment.

Raffi Armenian: Canadian Chamber Ensemble

Check out Raffi if you like a classical twist to your ragtime music. Raffi has been instrumental in the shaping of the nation’s orchestral scene since moving to Canada in 1969. The Kitchener-waterloo symphony morphed from an amateur group to a world-touring ensemble under his guidance.

Raffi’s style takes the waltz-like rhythmic pattern of Ragtime and gives it the instrumental depth of orchestral music. The conductor and composer is still active even at the age of 77.